Proof of concept

A proof of concept is film term for a short film that gives potential investors an idea of what the feature film will be like. It is not a preview/teaser/trailer. It’s purpose is for raising money to make the film. In Television they call it a “pilot”.

The POC tells a lot of the story, a few key plot points and introduces characters.

This proof of concept was made with a very low $6,000 budget which does not go far. All 9 actors and 22 crew (besides the gaffer, stunt co-coordinator and armourer, who legally have to be paid) volunteered their time, as did the owners of locations we shot at. The POC was filmed over 5 days.

We were also very lucky to be working with some talented actors who have performed in movies and TV shows like: The Great Gatsby, Chopper, Underbelly, The Matrix, Rake, All Saints and much more…