The Caryard POC Day 1 435

The Idea

We started writing a short film about used car salesmen after the Writer/Producer Matt Cooper spent an afternoon at his mates second hand car yard. We discovered the Australian second hand car industry is a world filled with:

  • Charismatic extroverted politically incorrect Aussie car dealer characters
  • A totally unique and expansive rhyming slang vocabulary
  • Dodgy lying manipulative customers (yes, customers)
  • Bikers
  • Cops
  • Car chases
  • Molotov cocktails (of course) and plenty more!

In addition to the colourful characters, slang and stories, the compelling reason for making this movie is the fact everyone thinks car dealers are untrustworthy but they aren’t that dodgy at all. Let us explain why…


Car dealer reputations ares bad because in the 70’s and 80’s they got away with a lot and you needed to have your guard up when buying a second hand car. In the 90’s it all changed.

New laws and regulations requiring genuine Road Worthy Certificates, Written Off Vehicle register checks, mandatory Warranties and the regulatory bodies like the Office of Fair Trading ready to jump to a customer’s aid, made it practically impossible for car salesmen to get away with anything even slightly shady.

Their reputation still stinks – so how do you live a life as an honest used car salesmen, whilst being looked down upon as a rip off merchant?

DealersThe answer is humour. Car salesmen have thick skins, layered with good old fashioned politically incorrect humour that you won’t hear anywhere else. Rhyming slang for every single car part you can imagine, inventive pranks that are almost too much to believe, and a who gives a toss attitude, makes these blokes some of the most entertaining characters you will ever meet. They deserve a movie, a sequel, a spin off TV show and we’re here to make that happen!